EXCLUSIVE: Customize Your Own Brainwave Entrainment Sessions

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a brainwave entrainment track that went from 10hz to 40hz, then down to 3hz and then back up or however you wanted? Or perhaps a track mixed with your favorite relaxing music? A track featuring hypnotic suggestions using your name and create specifically for you? Now you can do all of the above and so much more. Introducing our exclusive Customized Brainwave Entrainment Sessions.
Never before has anyone ever been given this much control over any self-improvement or self-empowerment product.
Afraid to fly? Have trouble sleeping? Having difficulty dealing with a specific person?
We can create hypnotic suggestions and affirmations specific to you using your name and your exact situation, utilize the best brainwave frequencies just for you, throw in some NLP techniques, and perhaps some guided meditation, and a 3D AuralScape, all mixed with your favorite relaxation music (or ours).
Not only is this not available anywhere else, but even if it were, it would likely cost a couple thousand dollars (no exaggeration). However, we feel that is way too much for the average person to afford, especially today. We will likely be offering it in the future for around $500 however as we are trying to promote this awesome service and need reviews for our site, we are currently offering it as low as just $149.95.
For a little less customization we offer Customized Nirvanic Mind Sessions, which include your choice of 3D AuralScape, a music track (or upload your own), and your specific goal, whether it is increasing motivation, lucid dreaming, meditation, etc., and leave the rest to us. We will put together the best brainwave frequencies and techniques for your goal and mix it with your chosen 3D AuralScape and music track. All of this for as low as just $74.95.
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Customized Nirvanic Mind Session
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