Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions
Experience relief from pain or discomfort
Feel bones realign back into place
Discover increased relaxation and peace
In his travels around India and Indonesia, Ryan Spusta discovered powerful breathing and visualization techniques and decided to integrate them into his energy sessions. He now incorporates Ayurvedic, yogic, and shamanistic tools in his energy work, resulting in much more success and expediency in the healing of his clients.
Rather than claim to heal others, he raises his own body's vibration to a high enough level and "encourages" the clients' own body to raise its own vibration which leads to healing. People don't heal people, people give others the environment and resources necessary to heal themselves. Instead of healers, there are healing facilitators. And unlike other energy work, a belief in the work is not necessary (to say so otherwise would imply that the placebo effect was at work) and this work can even be performed on pets with great success! 
As a result of these energy sessions clients have experienced everything from mysterious chronic pains disappearing, to faster healing of injuries, to the re-aligning of bones, and more.

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1 Hour Distance Healing Energy Session
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