Dharma Series

Nirvanic Mind's Dharma Series
Dharma in Sanskrit literally means "that which supports, upholds, or maintains the regulatory order of the universe". The Dharma Series combines the latest brainwave entrainment technologies, powerful affirmations and suggestions, and 3D AuralScape™ technology to create an unparalleled self-empowerment experience:
 Uses the absolute best brainwave entrainment technologies available
Creates a deep and powerful hypnotic state to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly to the  subconscious mind to easily and successfully manifest positive change from within
Affirmations and suggestions recorded using 3D AuralScape™ technology give you the experience of hearing them live from a therapist

 Takes advantage of our proprietary 3D Auraliminal™ technology to bypass the conscious mind more effectively than any other subliminal technique
Precise use of echo and reverberation effects repeat affirmations and suggestions up to five times with emphasis on key words and phrases, for much more powerful sessions
Utilizing a Karma Series session during the day and the corresponding Dharma Series session at night or any other time it is safe to do so will greatly increase each sessions' overall effectiveness and rate of positive change
Music specifically designed and composed for brainwave entrainment, meditation, affirmations, and hypnosis
Embedded Audiostrobe® track for use with any Audiostrobe® compatible light/sound device
Utilizes our proprietary 3D AuralScape™ technology