Customized Brainwave Entrainment Session

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Our Customized Brainwave Entrainment Session represents the pinnacle of brainwave entrainment technology. You simply choose what your goal or need is, add hypnotic suggestions, affirmations, or guided meditations if desired (which will use your own name and be created specifically for your goal or situation!), select your favorite 3D AuralScape and music track (or upload your own!). You also have the option of making the session vibroacoustic, which enables you to use it on any vibroacoustic table, chair, mat, or other vibroacoustic device.  And as with all Nirvanic Mind products, your track will have an Audiostrobe® track embedded within it for those of you with Audiostrobe® - compatible light/sound devices.
Takes 3 to 7 days to complete depending on options chosen. We will email you a 1 minute sample of the session for your perusal before sending you the file so that you may approve it or make any minor changes. Once the session has been finished, you will be notified via email with a download link.

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