3D Auraliminals™- The most powerful and effective subliminals available


3D Auraliminals™ represent the most advanced and effective subliminal technology available. We employ first, second, and third person variations, localized hemispheric event triggering, several variations of inner dialogue approaches, and our proprietary 3D AuralScape™ technology.

Affirmations and suggestions recorded using 3D AuralScape™ technology give you the experience of hearing them live from a therapist
Takes advantage of our proprietary 3D Auraliminal™ technology to bypass the conscious mind more effectively than any other subliminal technique
Employs first, second, and third person variations, localized hemispheric event triggering and several variations of inner dialogue approaches
Music specifically designed and composed for brainwave entrainment, meditation, affirmations, and hypnosis
Three different versions bundled together: 3D Auraliminals™ mixed with a 3D AuralScape™ and music, mixed with music only, and a "silent" version
Created with a custom audio encoder that ensures full fidelity of all frequencies

Sound frequencies proven to enhance "conscious permeability" added to enhance and greatly improve the subliminal's effectiveness

Each affirmation/subliminal is delivered in at least 6 different ways and multiple times per track to exponentially increase efficacy

This product comes bundled with 3 versions:

Version A is the 3D Auraliminal™ masked with one of our 3D AuralScapes™ and a music track in the background.

Click play to hear a 1 minute demo (headphones are highly recommended)

This is the 3D Auraliminal™ with a 3D AuralScape™ and a music track. (The subliminals have been removed for the purpose of this example). 

Version M uses only a music track to mask the 3D Auraliminal™.


In both of these versions, the affirmations are recorded and played back at a normal hearing level yet another sound source such as music is layered over it, just enough so that the affirmations are not consciously perceived, except for perhaps a faint, occasional whisper.  Several recent studies have shown that the brain can filter out the affirmations from the rest of the sound, similar to how a person can pick out a single conversation at a party. Both of these versions also have a silent 3D Auraliminal™ track embedded to enhance effectiveness.

Version S is a “silent” track; the sound is processed at around 15,000 hz, above the upper limit of most human hearing. There is some evidence to suggest that humans can still perceive the sound clearly, albeit on a subconscious level. This version can be played on a loop, especially while sleeping to see quicker results.


The idea with subliminals, similar to utilizing hypnosis, is that they bypass the conscious mind (which blocks most affirmations and counters with negative reinforcement) and instead are directly received by the subconscious mind which readily accepts them as the truth. This leads to positive changes over time. With most people, the changes occur subtly over time (weeks, months), although with some people changes occur much faster (days, weeks). The key is persistence; listening to these products once a day for 30 days creates lasting change with most users. Unfortunately, most people in general listen to a product for a couple of days and then quit, whether due to impatience or laziness.


*In a recent survey of 41 beta testers for our 3D Auraliminals™, 83% of those surveyed that used the products every day for at least 3 weeks saw a positive difference. We asked for their own self-assessment as well as requested them to ask at least 2 other friends or family members for their assessment of the changes in the respondent’s behavior during the test period.  For some of the respondents (18%), they themselves did not report any noticeable change, but a friend or family member did see it in them. These changes can happen so subtly over weeks or months that we ourselves may not notice the change but those around us do.

 **To prove the efficacy of our 3D Auraliminals™ (and eliminate the placebo effect as much as possible) we gave out 8 products to friends and family. They were told it was for one purpose (losing weight for example) but the affirmations were for insomnia (the test subjects given the insomnia affirmations had reported trouble sleeping prior to this experiment). At the end of the 30 days, four of them had reported a small change in the behavior they thought the product was for (as in the losing weight example) which was likely due to the placebo effect- but all except one reported much better sleep quality!


A note of the placebo effect- the vast majority of products out there with comments/reviews from people experiencing any kind of immediate result are either fake or much more commonly due to the placebo effect. The placebo effect can be very powerful but never lasts for long. Within a short time the brain realizes this and the results are no longer repeatable. Many unreputable companies take advantage of the placebo effect and request a review of their product before you have a fair enough time to test the product; some even request a review BEFORE you even receive the product(!) or in exchange for a free or discounted product (unfortunately like most Amazon sellers)! Compensating someone for a review becomes a conflict of interest and in most cases invalidates the integrity of the review and exponentially increases positive bias towards the seller or product (that's why so many companies do it...why rely on a great product or service to earn good reviews when you can just buy them instead? (Keep this in mind the next time a company offers you a free or discounted product in exchange for a review). In contrast, we don't ask for a review until the 30 day mark, and NEVER in exchange for anything. Any and all reviews on our site are either unsolicited or as a result of an automated email requesting a review at the 30 day mark. Although this results in receiving far fewer reviews (studies show that less than 10% of consumers will leave a review without incentives) the end result is having only honest, unbiased reviews you can rely on, for better or for worse. Our integrity is more important than profit.


Most subliminal products only use the first-person "I", as in "I am confident". Depending upon the individual and the subject matter, "You are confident" would be more powerful and effective; This can depend on your social environment and how you view authority. Many people will not respond well to "I am smart" but will respond strongly to "you are smart"; they may disregard their own opinions about themselves but will believe what other people tell them. How the affirmations are phrased and the environment and context in which they are used makes all the difference. Nirvanic Mind™ has done extensive research into psychology and self-talk and how best to verbalize and use affirmations to your best advantage. We utilize all this and more in each 3D Auraliminal™.

In the following audio examples we demonstrate what every other company's subliminals sound like versus what 3D Auraliminals™ can provide. The phrase used is "I am awesome". Most if not all other companies use only the first person ("I") rather than use or include the second person ("you"). Most people use a combination of the two during self talk (talking to themselves inside their head). This is why we use both forms in our 3D Auraliminals™ and from three distinct perspectives. And in most cases (but not all as it depends on the subject matter and your personal views regarding authority in relation to it), unless you are the one recording the affirmation, most people respond more positively to "you" in stead of "I".  In the 3D Auraliminal™ example we use the phrase "You are awesome" from 3 different perspectives. When listening to both examples, close your eyes and imagine which one do you think would be more effective?

Everyone Else's Subliminals

Click play to hear a sample of every other company's sublimals

This is the phrase "I am awesome"

Nirvanic Mind™ 3D Auraliminals™

Click play to hear a sample of our 3D Auraliminals™ (headphones highly recommended)

This is the phrase "You are awesome"

Now that you have listened to both examples, the choice is crystal clear. The difference is like watching standard definition video and then watching the video in 4k definition, or comparing AM radio to CD quality audio. And this is only comparing one example of why 3D Auraliminals™ are the most effective subliminals available. If the affirmations sound exactly like they are coming from an actual person (versus a recording) and thus feel real, then they are going to have the same positive effect as if a person was right in front of you saying them. 

Another major problem with most commercially available subliminals, whether audio or video (i.e. YouTube) has to do with compression. Virtually all subliminal audio tracks and all subliminal audios and videos on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) are in a compressed format, such as mp3, mpeg2, mp4, or wmv. When uploading videos to social media sites, they must not only already be in a compressed format, but the site will compress the file even further upon upload. And most websites offering subliminals are either not aware of the issues of compression or don't care about the resulting lack of effectiveness of the subliminal. The way that compression works with mp3 for example, is by removing the frequencies that most humans don't readily hear, which is usually above 15,000 hz as well as a few other select bands depending upon the compression codec used.


The following picture shows one of our 3D Auraliminals™ using "standard" mp3 compression. In the spectral view you will notice the silent track we embed into each track has been stripped out due to the compression.

Here is the same 3D Auraliminal™ with our custom mp3 compression which leaves all frequencies intact:

Another common problem with many subliminals, is with the volume of the affirmations in relation to the masking track (the music or nature sounds used to crowd out or "mask" the affirmations). Many subliminals have the volumes of the affirmations so low compared to the music track that you would never hear it. It is like hearing a whisper from the other side of a loud, crowded room; it is nearly impossible. However most people can filter out a voice at a normal level in a crowded room if they focus on it. Even a few different "silent" subliminals we tried while doing research were so low in volume that even after increasing the volume over 30 decibels they could barely be heard (these subliminals were not placed in the proven 15,000 hz region; they were simply normal frequency range subliminals with the volume so low that no one would ever hear it). The affirmations in our tracks play at a normal volume. 

Some of the research used in developing 3D Auraliminals™:

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