1 Hour Distance Healing Energy Session

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Have a chronic or nagging pain or discomfort? Need a boost to help you recover faster? Just want to totally relax and find peace? Then look no further than our Distance Healing Energy Session. During this session, Ryan will focus his energy with clear intent to help you and your body raise its energy vibration to allow the healing process to take place. You might feel tingling, buzzing, heat, cooling, or other sensations, or may not feel anything at all, and that is okay; the energy is still doing its work.
Most people have a twisted sphenoid bone (inside the head just behind the eye sockets and connects to the occipal ridge in the back) and this causes the whole back, from the occiputs to the hips to be misaligned. This is theorized to be caused by the pressures experienced coming through the birth canal or while still in the womb (occurs in about 90% of all mammals). The first thing Ryan will do is realign the sphenoid which will relign the rest of the back down to the hips in turn. The difference isn't always dramatic but changes occur in just about everyone (so far it has a 100% success rate) and the realignment stays that way. In this way you the client (or anyone you choose to have the energy intended for) can measure the hips before the session and then after, to see empirical proof of the energy at work. Then he will direct his attention to the area(s) you specified.
After purchase, please contact us via the Contact Us page and give your:
-order number
-first and last name of the individual the energy session is for (please specify if it for you or someone else)
-geographic location of individual (not neccessary but helps to focus energy better)
-up to 2 areas of focus (i.e. pain in left knee, muscle tension in neck, etc.)  
Ryan will then reply with a set of dates and times for you to choose from for him to perform the session. If you purchase more than one hour, each session must be scheduled at least one week apart to give the previous session ample time to do its work. You do not need to be lying down or anything during the session and can instead continue throughout your day as normal and it will not negatively affect the energy work. However, if possible, it is advised for you to sit quietly or lay down for that hour with the intent of letting the body receive whatever assistance it requires. This can greatly enhance the work.
If you purchased more than one hour, please specify any additional areas of concern (if any) for the aditional hour(s). Also, it is one hour per person (i.e. if you want yourself and a friend to have a session together, it will require two hours worth of sessions. If you will be doing this, please specify all other individual's names and areas of concern.
5 Stars
Less Pain!!
I have had chronic low back pain lately due to an old sports injury that has recently resurfaced. Since nothing but popping pills was working, I figured I'd give this a shot. Ryan was very professional and explained how the energy session works and answered all my questions. I set up a time with him and followed the instructions (just basically clear my mind, relax, and invite the positive energy I was going to be receiving) and had the session. During and after the session I honestly didn't feel anything except a slight tingling sensation all over occasionally but when I woke up early in the morning about 6 hours later I noticed the pain had gone down noticeably. I still wasn't sure if it was the energy work until I got up the next day I realized it wasn't nearly so painful. It was the only thing I had done differently. I originally had about a 7.5 out of 10 in pain, and now it was about a 3. We'll see if it continues to go down; it if doesn't I'll see if another session will help.
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Reviewed by:  from San Diego, California. on 2/3/2016

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