Shamanic Consciousness

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"Shaman's Consciousness" is a termed coined to refer to the state of consciousness many shamans find themselves in while in a deep trance, usually employed to traverse the spirit world. Past research indicates that most shamanic trances occur within the same brainwave state. Our visit to several balians (Balinese shamans) while performing research in Bali confirmed this belief. It is reached via meditation, prayer, drumming, or sometimes with the use of mind-altering (psychoactive) plants. Incidentially, it is also the same state reached by Tibetan Buddhist monks during chanting (this is not at all surprising considering Tibetan Buddhism's heavy influence from the shamanic Bon religion of Tibet). With Shamanic Consciousness, we have designed a session to bring you into the same state of consciousness that shamans the world over have used for millenia. Excellent for communicating with the spirit within, hypnopompic and hypnagogic states of consciousness, and emotional healing.
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Cool Stuff
This is pretty cool stuff. It quickly gets me into my meditative zone. Love the sound of the rain. You should totally do a amazon jungle auralscape thing as well.
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Reviewed by:  from Williamsport, PA. on 7/10/2012

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