Schumann's Resonance

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The Schumann Resonance is a specific frequency (7.83hz) and its harmonics of the earth's electromagnetic field. Before our cities became filled with excessive electromagnetic frequencies from everything from power poles to cell phones, the  Schumann Resonance was the primary frequency being received by all living things. Due to the proliferation of electronic devices this beneficial frequency is being drowned out. Now one has to escape outside the cities to be able to more effectively receive it. Without the Schumann Resonance early astronauts' health would deteriorate and today NASA provides the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station with devices that simulate this frequency.
Our pineal gland is affected by it as well, especially with the production of melatonin, critical for fighting cancer. Shamans and other natural healers maintain a natural dominant frequncy of around 7.83hz. It has been linked to accelerated learning, healing, and oneness as well.
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After listening to this I feel really peaceful, not as stressed after work. Thank you.
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