Nirvanic Mind Difference


Nirvanic Mind™ utilizes more brainwave entrainment technology and therapeutical modalities and techniques than any other product on the market. While most companies focus soley on one or more technologies such as binaural beats with or without another such as hypnosis, we firmy believe in successfully implementing any and all techniques deemed beneficial towards exceeding the needs of any particular problem or goal.

We offer over a dozen proven techiques that are utilized throughout our product line. For each product, we carefully research and select the best techniques for that particular product. Some product goals (such as eliminating insomnia, or achieving a state of deep meditation) may be better achieved with certain techniques than with others, especially when we combine techniques together. This is what makes Nirvanic Mind™ products so powerful, successful, and unique.

All products are produced with an embedded Audiostrobe® track. Just connect any Audiostrobe® compatible light and sound machine to any audio source (cd player, ipod, etc.) playing a Nirvanic Mind™ track to experience an amazing visual experience. 
All products are vibroacoustic upgradeable. If you choose one of our customized options (EXCLUSIVE: Customize Your Own Brainwave Entrainment Sessions), you may add a vibroacoustic track to your product to enjoy with your sound table, mat, chair, or other vibroacoustic device.

Customize your Nirvanic Mind™ product. We offer the ability to customize your entire experience, from choosing the music or environment, vibroacoustic upgrade, recordings using your name made especially for you, and even the option to send us any music you want us to use in your customized product. See EXCLUSIVE: Customize Your Own Brainwave Entrainment Sessions for details.

One technology that is the hallmark of Nirvanic Mind™ is our very own proprietary 3D AuralScape™ technology. Over 2 years in development, it is utilized in most of our products. With 3D AuralScape™ we are able create a strong dissociative effect on the user, helping them to temporarlily seperate from their reality, and place them in another locale, such as the beaches of Thailand, or the forests of Bali. The technology is able to produce a full 360 degree soundscape, rather than the usual stereo or even multichannel sound. You hear the environment around you as if you were actually there. This assists the user in focusing inward, and in reducing their mind chatter, which in psychology is termed "internal dialogue". Please see 3D AuralScapes for more details.


The following is a list of the more commonly used techniques in our products: