Mantras are essentially words of power. Their mere utterance causes spiritual transformation. The first known use of mantras date back thousands of years to the Vedas, the oldest surviving religious texts in the world.
Mantra comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words: manas (mind) and tra (tool or instrument) so that a translation would be "instrument of thought". The most popular (and most powerful) mantra is Om (Aum), the pranava mantra, the primordial source of all all mantras. Om represents Brahman, the unmanifest reality/unreality of the universe.
Reciting a mantra creates a specific sound/vibration that directly affects consciousness. (As a test, try reciting "Om" for several minutes without interruption in a quiet space and you will undoubtedly feel its effects...). Mantras can be used for healing, praying to a deity, meditation, and more. See Power Of Vibration for more information of the power of vibration on consciousness.
Nirvanic Mind™ utilizes mantras in select products, and recommends their use in specific meditations that we provide to accompany these products. When we combine 3D AuralScape™ technology with mantras you receive a true "3d meditation" that only Nirvanic Mind™ can bring you.