Lotus Series

Nirvanic Mind's Lotus Series

The lotus flower represents the "primordial purity" of body, speech, and mind. It floats above the muddy waters of ignorance, blossoming into pure, spiritual enlightenment. The pink lotus represents the highest realm of spiritual perfection, that of the Buddha. The Lotus Series is the highest echelon of self-empowerment available, incorporating the very latest and most effective brainwave entrainment technologies, 3DAuralScape™ technology, powerful affirmations and suggestions, neural linguistic programming, guided imagery, guided meditations, hypnosis, and more.
 Uses the absolute best brainwave entrainment technologies available
Creates a deep and powerful hypnotic state to bypass the conscious mind and communicate directly to the subconscious mind to easily and successfully manifest positive change from within
Affirmations and suggestions recorded using 3D AuralScape™ technology give you the experience of hearing them live from a therapist

 Proprietary and exclusive use of our powerful 3D Auraliminal™ technology increases the product's effectiveness exponentially

Precise use of echo and reverberation effects repeat affirmations and suggestions up to five times with emphasis on key words and phrases, for much more powerful sessions
Powerful hypnosis, neural linguistic programming, guided imagery, and guided meditations recorded using 3D AuralScape™ technology
Provides an experience so real and effective you could literally believe you were receiving a session directly from a therapist right there in the room with you. In fact, with your eyes closed you can't tell the difference!
Utilizing a Karma Series session during the day and the corresponding Lotus Series session at night or any other time it is safe to do so will greatly increase each sessions' overall effectiveness and rate of positive change
Music specifically designed and composed for brainwave entrainment, meditation, affirmations, and hypnosis
Embedded Audiostrobe® track for use with any Audiostrobe® compatible light/sound device
Utilizes our proprietary 3D AuralScape™ technology