Karma Series


Nirvanic Mind's Karma Series

Karma is a Sanskrit term meaning "action" or "deed". The Karma Series is so named due to the fact these sessions are designed for use while performing your normal daily activities. They do not contain acoustical brainwave entrainment so they are safe to use anytime you would normally listen to any kind of music. Listening to while working, exercising, running errands, etc will bypass the conscious mind while it is preoccupied so that the subconscious mind can receive these affirmations and suggestions and create powerful, positive change from within. Other than lacking brainwave entrainment, Karma Series sessions are identical to their Dharma Series session counterparts:
Affirmations and suggestions recorded using 3D AuralScape™ technology give you the experience of hearing them live from a therapist
Takes advantage of our proprietary 3D Auraliminal™ technology to bypass the conscious mind more effectively than any other subliminal technique
Utilizing a Karma Series session during the day and the corresponding Dharma or Lotus Series session at night or any other time it is safe to do so will greatly increase each sessions' overall effectiveness and rate of positive change
Music specifically designed and composed for brainwave entrainment, meditation, affirmations, and hypnosis
Embedded Audiostrobe® track for use with any Audiostrobe® compatible light/sound device (in case you want the brainwave entrainment without the audio entrainment)
Utilizes our proprietary 3D AuralScape™ technology