Journey Through The Astral Plane

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Imagine being able to travel to distant locales or even beyond the confines of time itself- From ancient shamanic teachings to the Bible, to modern texts such as Robert Monroe's Journeys Out Of The Body, astral travel has been with us since the beginning of time-and beyond. Introducing Journey To The Astral Plane. Here we have painstakingly gathered as much research and data we could find on the brainwave states, patterns, and frequencies of individuals leading up to and occurring during an out-of-body experience. While a successful OOBE (Out Of Body Experience) is not guaranteed (much of the success lies within the self-limiting aspects of the belief systems of the individual), your chances of having one are greatly increased with regular use of Journey To The Astral Plane. After your first Out-Of-Body experience, you will truly know, not simply believe, that we are all more than our physical bodies.

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