Harmonic Box X

Harmonic Box X is a specific combination of binaural and monaural beats in a harmonic formation. It was first described by James Mann in his book, Awakening Mind I. Two binaural beats are used to generate the primary brainwave entrainment frequency and the tones are set up in such a way that a crossover beat of approximately twice the primary frequency is created. This is what makes it harmonic. In addition, tones (monaural beats) in one ear are arranged at three times the original frequency, while the other ear is arranged with the original frequency. Since binaural beats are used, headphones are required.
Harmonic Box X has been utilized with some success, although it hasn't been consistent. This may have to do with the fact that in many cases the harmonics of the primary frequency may contradict (negate) the effects of the original frequency. Also, research hasn't confirmed if the brain can consistently follow and entrain to more than a few frequencies simultaneously.
Nirvanic Mind™ has utilized Harmonic Box X in a few cases with positive results. However it does require a lot of research in the effects of the harmonics in relation to the primary frequency to ensure the session's efficacy. Unfortunately many companies that utilize this technique do not take this into account. As with binaural and monaural beats, there are other superior entrainment methods that we utilize.