Buddha Consciousness

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"Buddha Consciousness" is analogous to the Sanskrit term "Bodhicitta". It is a combination of the words bodhi and citta. Bodhi means awakening or enightenment, while citta refers to mind, or consciousness. Bodhicitta ("Buddha Consciousness") is the goal of attaining enlightenment, in which one posesses unlimited compassion for all sentient beings while also eliminating all sense of attachments and illusions. With this session, you will reach and experience deep levels of meditation available previously only to very advanced meditators. Through our research while in Thailand and Cambodia, as well as in the U.S., we have located the most common brainwave states and frequencies experienced by monks and others involved in areas such as zen meditation and Tibetan Buddhist chants and have included them here in Buddha Consciousness. Many report feelings of profound inner peace, love, and warmth.

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