Audiostrobe® is a patented visual brainwave entrainment technology invented by Andrzej Slawinski. It works by sending short inaudible pulses along a cable running from a sound source such as a cd player to a set of light goggles which results in a series of flashes that behave just like beats or pulses in creating change in the user's brainwave state. It is designed to be used in conjunction with audible entrainment such as binaural beats, but can be used alone as well.
Audiostrobe® is usually only found built into light/sound machines, however we have all Nirvanic Mind™ products encoded with Audiostrobe® and include it by default for no extra charge in all customized sessions. The use of visual stimuli along with beats/pulses can greatly enhance the entrainment effect, and some people enjoy visual stimuli all by itself. We highly recommend purchasing a light/sound machine for added entrainment value as well as for dealing with issues such as seasonal affective disorder and jetlag. The Procyon AVS from Mindplace is a peronal favorite.