Amazing Stress Reliever 3D Auraliminal™

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Stressed out and anxious during the pandemic? Worried about health, money, or relationship issues? Our Amazing Stress Reliever 3D Auraliminal™ can help you to control your stress level, feel calm, and think positive and keep strong during life's more challenging times.  

3D Auraliminals™ represent the most advanced and effective subliminal technology available. We employ first, second, and third person variations, localized hemispheric event triggering, several variations of inner dialogue approaches, and our proprietary 3D AuralScape™ technology.

Affirmations and suggestions recorded using 3D AuralScape™ technology give you the experience of hearing them live from a therapist
Takes advantage of our proprietary 3D Auraliminal™ technology to bypass the conscious mind more effectively than any other subliminal technique
Employs first, second, and third person variations, localized hemispheric event triggering and several variations of inner dialogue approaches
Music specifically designed and composed for brainwave entrainment, meditation, affirmations, and hypnosis
Three different versions bundled together: 3D Auraliminals™ mixed with a 3D AuralScape™ and music, mixed with music only, and a "silent" version
Created with a custom audio encoder that ensures full fidelity of all frequencies

Sound frequencies proven to enhance "conscious permeability" added to enhance and greatly improve the subliminal's effectiveness

Each affirmation/subliminal is delivered in at least 6 different ways and multiple times per track to exponentially increase efficacy
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I work as an emergency room surgical assistant. It is a very stressful job. I was looking for a way to try to lower the stress of my job. I have been using the Stress Reliever subliminal mp3 for a month now and I have found myself more patient with my patients (ha ha) as well as with the ER doctors who can be overly demanding. Glad I found it.
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Reviewed by:  from Bogota, Colombia. on 5/30/2020

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