About Us



Nirvanic Mind™ is where the sacred and the profane converge; where ancient wisdom and science become one. It was designed to incorporate the thousands of years of knowledge and meditation techniques with the most cutting edge research and technology that science has to offer.

This company was founded by Ryan Spusta, who had spent years looking for high-quality, effective brainwave entrainment and self-improvement products but instead found mostly low-quality solutions that simply didn't work. Most of the companies producing these products simply threw random binaural beats or other tones with no scientific research or efficacy together with an ambient music track and tried to promote them as some sort of "cure-all". On the other spectrum are companies doing their homework and producing a half-way decent product only to charge an exhorbant amount for it or claim you need to buy several in a series for it to be effective.

As a result of the lack of quality products on the market, Ryan decided to develop his own brainwave entrainment (bwe) sessions for himself as well as for friends and family. Since the mid 1990's he has continued to research, develop, and refine bwe techniques and technologies for the past 15 years.

After years of study of meditation, Ayurveda (the ancient medicine system of India) and psychology in the United States, Ryan Spusta traveled to Kerala, India to continue his Ayurvedic training. Here he also studied various forms of yoga and meditation from the yogins. A year later, he traveled to Indonesia and studied with shamans of the islands of Java and Bali. He then flew to Thailand and Cambodia where he studied with Buddhist monks on various meditation techniques.

On the way back to the U.S., Mr. Spusta realized that he could combine what he learned whilst abroad with the latest in brainwave entrainment to create a unique product of unparalleled quality and effectiveness. Thus, Nirvanic Mind™ was born.
Ryan Spusta is also credited with the development of the highly acclaimed proprietary 3D AuralScape™ technology, which is integrated with most Nirvanic Mind™ products. He also made the bold decision to offer customized brainwave entrainment sessions available for download, something never before attempted, and at a fraction of what would be charged in a studio.

Ryan Spusta is a noted brainwave entrainment session developer, certified Neural Linguistic Programmer (NLP), licensed massage therapist, sound therapist, master energy practitioner, and a certified Ayurvedic Counselor. Aside from the continued research and development of Nirvanic Mind™ products, Mr. Spusta is a massage and bodywork trainer for one of the top luxury spas in the United States.