3D AuralScapes

3D AuralScape Technology
3D AuralScapes
Imagine closing your eyes and being instantly transported to an exotic or far away locale. The beaches of Thailand or the jungles of Bali perhaps? Our proprietary 3D AuralScape technology which is embedded into most Nirvanic Mind products will do just that. AuralScapes are designed to present to the listener soundscapes of particular environments as they would actually sound if they were really there. One of the main reasons we are able to accomplish this is because we travel to these very places and perform much of the production work on site. You can be assured that what you will hear is exactly how it would sound if you were there yourself.
These AuralScapes create a dissociative effect in the listener, which means that they remove you from your present reality along with all of life's stresses. This removes much of the inner mind chatter, which is called "internal dialogue" in psychology. This assists you in focusing inward and thus able to achieve everything from deeper meditation to more sucessful hypnosis sessions.
Currently these AuralScapes are not sold by themselves but rather are embedded into most Nirvanic Mind products.

Click on any of the AuralScapes in the list below to hear a 1 minute demo
(headphones are required to hear the 3D AuralScape™ effect)