3D AuralScapes now available on Android Marketplace!

Posted by Administrator on 1/31/2012 to News
Nirvanic Mind and 3D AuralScape Technology
3D AuralScapes available on Android Marketplace
Nirvanic Mind app-loving droidWe recently decided to develop and upload a series of apps featuring our highly acclaimed 3D AuralScapes to the Android Marketplace and they are now available (Itunes versions coming soon).  Now you will be able to meditate on a remote island off the coast of Thailand, fall asleep to the soft rainfall and chorus of exotic birds of Bali, relax to the soothing sound of a thunderstorm in Java, and more. Each 3D AuralScape app features 360 degrees of high-definition quality sound, with each session approximately 25 minutes long.   
Example screenshots from Ayung River In 3D:

Screenshots from Ayung River In 3D app



Click https://market.android.com/search?q=nirvanic+mind to checkout our apps at the Android marketplace.
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